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The Jobsider application is a job posting and recruitment platform ("Jobsider"). Jobsider allows job seekers ("Users" or "you") to respond to job offers. You can also set up a user account in Jobsider, in which you fill in information about yourself and work experience. Thanks to a user account, you don't have to fill in everything again every time you respond to an offer. The Jobsider application is operated by the company mind the gap s.r.o., ID: 09821074, registered office: Čujkovova 1714/21, Zábřeh, 700 30 Ostrava, registered in the Commercial Register kept at the Municipal Court in Prague, sp. C 343024 ("Operator" or also "we"). Jobsider services for Users can be accessed from the Jobsider mobile application for Android and iOS or via a web browser at The service is functional through common browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.).



The relationship between the Provider and you as a User of the Jobsider application or website is governed by these Terms of Use of the Jobisder User Services ("Terms"). Information on the processing of personal data can be found at You agree to the Terms when you install the application, and if you do not use the application, when you use the website or create a user account.



Our service is not an employment agency within the meaning of the Employment Act. Our service consists of providing the ability to search and respond to positions advertised by third parties. The Provider is in no way responsible for the veracity of the information provided in the advertisements, nor for the fact that the User will be accepted for the advertised position. It is up to the User to always verify the data before concluding any contract with a third party.



If you respond to an advertisement, Jobsider will also share your Profile with the advertiser. This may be a potential employer or an employment agency ("Employer"). You will also be invited to complete an online interview. If you do not yet have a Profile, you will need to fill in the information manually. We will pass information about you and your answers to the online interview to the Employer after the interview.



The user is obliged to provide only data that is true and related to the requested information in the user account, Profile and online interviews. Don't abuse Jobsider by responding to job ads you're not interested in. Never post inappropriate content, especially content that is vulgar, offensive, pornographic, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable or in violation of the law. If I suspect that the content is against the law, is unethical or may harm the Provider, we are entitled to delete it without prior notice. You are not authorized to use the Jobsider services other than for your own use and according to the obvious or advertised properties. The use of information from the Jobsider databases for other purposes (for example, commercial) is not possible without the prior consent of the Provider. Automated processing of information from the Jobsider system or mining of the Jobsider database is not permitted without the prior consent of the Operator. It is prohibited to attempt to access any parts of the Jobsider system, the use of which has not been authorized by the Provider.



The provider does not guarantee that you will find a job through the Jobsider application or that you will find a job that matches your ideas or requirements. Jobsider also does not guarantee that the information provided in the job advertisements is complete, accurate and relevant. The Employer to whose advertisement you respond is responsible for the information published in the advertisement and for the recruitment process. We do not guarantee that the Employer will get back to you. In the event of an outage or shutdown of the Jobsider application, the services may be temporarily unavailable without the User being entitled to compensation.



You can cancel your user account at any time by selecting this option in your user account. At the same time, we will cancel your Profile on Jobsider. We may also cancel the provision of the Services and your Profile at any time without compensation. When you cancel your user account, we will also cancel your Profile. If the selection procedure for which you applied via Jobsider is still running, the data from your Profile will continue to be processed by the Employer, but not for a period longer than 48 months. If the reason for canceling the Profile was a breach of your obligations, we can let the Employer know. In the event of cancellation of a user account due to serious or repeated violations of the Rules, we reserve the right to refuse a new user registration.



When installing the Jobsider mobile application, the Provider grants the User a personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use a copy of the application solely for the purpose of accessing the user account and the services of the Operator ("License"). The license is location unlimited. The license also applies to updates of the application, however, the Operator may decide at any time to stop supporting and updating the Jobsider application. The license is free of charge. All copyrights to the application belong to the Operator, the User is not authorized to use the application otherwise than as permitted by these Terms. The user is not authorized to use the graphic elements of the user interface of the application by reproduction, distribution or communication to the public. The user is not authorized to modify the application or its elements or create derivative works. Reverse engineering is prohibited. The license cannot be assigned or sublicensed. You are not authorized to make the application available to third parties.



The Provider reserves the right to change the scope of services provided to Users of the Jobsider application in any way. In this way, the provider can add new services, cancel existing services or change their nature. The Provider also reserves the right to terminate the operation of the Jobsider service at any time without compensation and without the emergence of any right to compensation on the part of the Users. The provider is not obliged to provide updates to the Jobsider system and application.



The Provider may unilaterally change these Terms at any time, especially if it concerns the scope of services provided, financial terms, license agreements, terms of use and other rights and obligations when using the Jobsider application. Changes are effective within 10 days of publication, unless a later change date is specified.



These Terms and the legal relationship between the Provider and the User are governed by the legal order of the Czech Republic.



A user who is a consumer has the right to an out-of-court settlement of any disputes with the Provider. The authority authorized to resolve consumer disputes out of court is the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, on whose website ( the User can find, among other things, information on the method and conditions of out-of-court settlement of disputes, when this procedure can only be initiated on the basis of the User's proposal and then, if he fails to resolve the dispute directly with the Provider. The proposal form for initiation of proceedings on the out-of-court settlement of a consumer dispute is available on the website of the Czech Trade Inspection.




These Terms and Conditions are effective from September 1, 2021

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